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Board Feet:
Minimum order: 10

4/4 Olivewood

4/4 Olivewood
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$25.00 per board foot

Olivewood Lumber

Olivewood has an odor that smells slightly sweet, but can be very noticable when turning or splitting wood. The wood is very oily and dense making it very difficult to dry. This would is known for it’s imperfections that can be frequently found along with bark pockets. This types of imperfections is what gives this wood character and uniqueness to any project. These are typically very small trees so large boards are not typically found. If you have any further questions or would like more information about Olivewood feel free to contact us anytime.

These boards will be live edge boards and most commonly have ingrown barks, some slight cracks and checking are possible but these are not considered to be defects. It is the nature of Olivewood.