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4/4 Fiddleback Honduras Mahogany - Musical Grade

4/4 Fiddleback Honduras Mahogany - Musical Grade
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$44.00 per board foot

Honduran Mahogany Guitar Set

Honduras Mahogany  "SWIETENIA MACROPHYLLA"  Also know as Tropical Mahogany, South American Mahogany, Caoba and Chiculte.  Honduras Mahogany grows from north of the Yucatan, throughout Venezuela and Brazil, in Columbia, Peru, and Bolivia. It is planted throughout the whole of the tropics as a sustainable forest crop, and is widely available.  It has a short grain which grows in a swirling pattern. The shortness of the grain makes it perfect for carving, turning, and other woodworking. It cuts beautifully without chipping, works alot like Walnut, being approx. the same weight as Walnut, sands well, glues well and finishes to a luxurious red-gold sheen.  There are few woods as beautiful or as pleasant to work, does not seem to have high allergenic properties, although it is always wise to use respiratory protection.