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Unique Boards/Slabs

Our slabs/flitches are measured by the board foot. For pieces individually pictured, we have calculated the price for that board based on the board footage for you. The thickness is measured by the unplaned thickness, in the decription we state the current sanded thickness as well. Widths are measured from each end of the boards as well as the middle, and the average is calculated. When measuring the width, one live edge is measured within the measurement. If you have any further questions regarding how our boards are measured, please feel free to give us a call at 828-322-9663. 

~Beautiful bar top made from some of our Guanacaste Slabs!~




Here is a dining room table made with 2 of our Guanacaste Slabs 

The below video was taken by Rocky in Central America while visiting the largest producer of Guanacaste furntiure.  It's a very good and very interesting explanation of working with wood for making furntiure.