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Spanish Cedar

Spanish Cedar
Spanish cedar will vary in colour depending on the origin and soil conditions but generally it has a pinkish to red colored heartwood which darkens with exposure, to either a red-brown or red-purple tone. The wood is usually straight grained, but can be interlocked. It has a fine and uniform texture. Spanish Cedar is the most popular wood for lining humidors. Historically it has been used almost exclusively for this purpose because, although it lends a fresh aroma to your humidor, the smell does not transfer to the cigars. In addition it does not crack or warp with the changing humidity in the box, rather it absorbs excess humidity, helping to maintain an even moisture content in your cigars.
Source Region: Central * South America
All our Spanish Cedar lumber is sold by the board foot, with a 10 board foot minimum per item. The price noted below for each Spanish Cedar item, with the exception of packages, is the price of a single board foot. Please make sure that you enter the total number of board feet needed when you are prompted to enter a quantity for the item.
During Rocky's travels in Central America he finds a Spanish Cedar tree and shows us how the Cedrella trees populate.