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Pyinma Lagerstroemia spp.
The heartwood is pale red-brown to grey-yellow, or light red to reddish brown and darkens upon exposure. The rather wide sapwood is described as white to yellowish-brown, or light yellow-brown to greyish white with an occasional pinkish hue. The wood is usually straight grained, but may occasionally be crossed or wavy. A combination of the semi-ring pore structure and the occasionaly wavy grain produces an attractive figure. Texture is reported to be commonly fine to medium and is uneven, and wood surface is reported to be lustrous. The timber saws and works well, finishes to a smooth surface, and takes a good polish.
Typical Uses: Furniture, interior joinery, boatbuilding, general construction, parquet flooring, paneling
Source Region: Indochina and extending into Indonesia and the Philippines.
**Please note: Unless otherwise stated, our turning stock is not kiln dried but in various stages of air drying.