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Moabi (African Pearwood)

Moabi (African Pearwood) Baillonella toxisperma
Heartwood is pinkish brown, red brown, or a rich red; sapwood is pinkish white or gray brown, rather well demarcated. Texture is fine and even; grain is straight, sometimes wavy; has an attractive figure. Because of silica content there is a rapid dulling of cutters, otherwise works easily, glues and finishes well and has good steam-bending properties.
Typical Uses: Furniture, cabinetwork, decorative flooring, turnery and carving, decorative veneers, joinery, store fittings.
Source Region: Found in the dense forests of Equatorial Africa, often in small patches on dry or moist soils.
All our Moabi lumber is sold by the board foot, with a 10 board foot minimum per item. The price noted below for each Moabi item, with the exception of packages, is the price of a single board foot. Please make sure that you enter the total number of board feet needed when you are prompted to enter a quantity for the item.