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Malerio Rojo

Malerio Rojo Aspidosperma Megalocarpum

Malerio Rojo also known as Malerio Colorado is described as large canopy trees.  The sapwood is a grayish white or beige in color but darkens upon exposure and blends into the heartwood.  The freshly cut heartwood is bright orange red to reddish brown.  It turns into light pinkish brown or pale yellowish brown or orange pale brown, sometimes with wide rose stripes upon exposure.  The grain is straight to interlocked and the texture is medium.  The species has a moderate natural resistance to decay.  It's considerably stronger than White Oak or Teak and has high bending strength when air-dried.  It's a very heavy wood, very dense but has very nice carving characteristics.  Has excellent polishing characteristics and works easily with hand tools.

Common Uses: Framing, Furniture, Building Materials, Pulp/Paper Materials

Source Region: Central America, Latin America