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Jatoba (Brazilian Cherry)

Jatoba Hymenaea Courbarri
Jatoba or Brazilian Cherry grows throughout Central and South America. Popular for the building of bridges and abutments. The bark is used to produce Copal, which is marketed as an ingredient in varnishes and paints. After drying, care in storage is a necessity, as the cut Brazilian Cherry / Jatoba boards can warp and crack easily. End sealer before working is a recommendation. Red-orange in color, the wood from this tree can be as wide as 14". Over time the color will mellow to a more russet.
Source Region: Central & South America
All our Jatoba lumber is sold by the board foot, with a 10 board foot minimum per item. The price noted below for each Jatoba item, with the exception of packages, is the price of a single board foot. Please make sure that you enter the total number of board feet needed when you are prompted to enter a quantity for the item.