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Goncalo Alves (Tigerwood)

Goncalo Alves (Tigerwood) Astronium Lescointel
Goncalo Alves is a fine, tight grained wood. Because of its distinctive striped grain, it is sometimes mistakenly referred to as Zebrawood. Rather than sand this wood you should smooth it with a cabinet scraper because it is so finely textured that sand paper will scratch it. Goncalo Alves is rare and not always available.
Source Region: Brazil and Central America
All our Goncalo Alves lumber is sold by the board foot, with a 10 board foot minimum per item. The price noted below for each Goncalo Alves item, with the exception of packages, is the price of a single board foot. Please make sure that you enter the total number of board feet needed when you are prompted to enter a quantity for the item.