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Cocobolo Dalbergia retusa
Cocobolo is a member of the Rosewood family. It grows in the drier uplands on the Pacific side of Mexico down to Panama. Cocobolo wood shines up to a nice luster and can be nailed or screwed easily. Cocobolo is an excellent hardwood for making knife handles because it is waterproof. It smells like lilacs while it is being sawn or sanded. Exotic Cocobolo varies in color from red to yellow-orange and striped with black to lighter black, often with hints of purple which makes for an amazing contrast. This hardwood darkens with age.
West Penn Hardwoods offers precut and sanded thin Cocobolo boards on our Thin Dimensional Stock page. For the luthier or hobbyist guitar builder, we also carry Cocobolo wood guitar sets and billets on our Musical Grade Lumber & Sets page. If you are looking for something truly special, we offer "highly figured" turning stock and lumber listed below and on our Unique Boards page. Also, save money on Cocobolo by purchasing one of the many "wholesale free shipping packages" listed on our Wholesale Deals page.
Typical Uses for Cocobolo: knife handles, game calls, pens, pool cues, peppermills, bowls, wine bottle stoppers and other ornamental turnings.
Source Region: Mexico, South America
**Please note: Unless otherwise stated, our turning stock is not kiln dried but in various stages of air drying
While on a trip to Central America in October 2013, Rocky explains to us the color variations in Cocobolo.  Some of the wood is very reddish in color and some is almost black.  Cocobolo is a true rosewood, and we have plenty available.  Thank you Rocky for showing us this information!