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Bubinga Guibourtia tessmannii
Bubinga has a resemblance to rosewood. The heartwood is pink, vivid red, or red brown with purple streaks or veins. On exposure it becomes yellow or medium brown with a reddish tint, veining becomes less conspicuous. Bubinga sapwood is whitish and clearly demarcated. The texture of this wood is fine and even with a straight or interlocked grain. Bubinga can be highly figured. Turns and machines well, and take a high polish.
The video is of Rocky's Waterfall Bubinga table that is currently in his home.  It is a beautiful table!!  For more information about the making of this table please visit our Blog Feed
West Penn Hardwoods offers precut and sanded thin Bubinga boards on our Thin Dimensional Stock page. For the luthier or hobbyist guitar builder, we also carry Bubinga guitar sets on our Musical Grade Lumber & Sets page. If you are looking for something truly special, we offer "highly figured" turning stock and lumber listed below and on our Unique Boards page.
This video clip is of the matching server/buffet that Rocky had made to match his Waterfall Bubinga table (above).
Typical Uses: Fine furniture and cabinetwork, musical instruments, decorative veneers, fancy turnery, inlay work.
Source Region: Eastern Africa
**Please note: Unless otherwise stated, our turning stock is not kiln dried but in various stages of air drying.
Below:  Rocky showing us the new Waterfall Bubinga boards being sanded in our warehouse.  These are amazing!