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Brown Ebony

Brown Ebony Caesalpina paraguariensis
Brown Ebony is a very dense, dark brown wood with a very pleasant grain configuration. It does not change color over time, works well, and is very stable. A very dense, dark-brown wood with an incredible 3-D figure in edge-grained portions. Appears to work well and be very stable. Provides an excellent polish. Like it's cousin, African Black Ebony, the Brown Ebony makes great fingerboards, inlays, and accents. Beautiful in its own right, it pairs up well with other woods. Not overly oily, it glues up well, cuts easily. It is necessary to drill a pilot hole for screws. Although it polishes up to a lovely sheen, any finish will hold to it very well, either laquer or polyurethane. As a dark wood to be used in place of Black Walnut in bowl segmenting, Brown Ebony works very well. It makes a dignified knife handle for a "gentleman’s" hunting knife, and does not need to be stabilized.
Source Region: Argentine
**Please note: Unless otherwise stated, our turning stock is not kiln dried but in various stages of air drying.