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Avodire Turraeanthus africanus
Avodire is also referred to as Blond mahogany. It is a rare wood that has many of the same tonal qualities and workability of mahogany. Avodire is credited as being one of the most beautiful of all blonde woods, even the less decorative boards. The light-colored heartwood will darken to a golden color when cut. There is not much difference in color between sapwood and heartwood. It is often highly mottle figured. The wood sands, glues and finishes easily. When polished it has a lustrous surface, also reminiscent of mahogany. Works well with both hand and machine tools. Avodire has medium crushing and bending strength, low shock resistance and low stiffness. Not recommended for steam bending. Low durability.
Typical Uses: Furniture, fine joinery, decorative veneers, cabinet work and paneling
Source Region: Ivory Coast area of West Africa