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Amboyna Burl

Amboyna Pterocarpus indicus
Amboyna Burls are from the Curly Narra or Red Narra tree. The heartwood varies from light yellow, through golden brown to brick red in color and has a characteristic odor. The grain in Amboyna is wavy, interlocked or crossed and these irregularities give rise to mottle, fiddleback, ripple and curly effects of figure. The more red the Amboyna wood, the heavier it is. Straightforward to work with hand or machine tools with only a slight dulling effect on cutters on straight grained material. Amboyna Burl can be nailed, screwed, glued and stained satisfactorily and takes an excellent polish. It is a very durable and highly decorative wood.
West Penn Hardwoods offers Amboyna Burls in a variety of turning stock sizes including pen blanks, game call blanks, knife handle blanks, bottle stopper blanks, pool cue blanks, peppermill blanks, and bowl blanks, both squared or with live edges. Find Amboyna Burl already cut to size and unique individual pieces on our Unique & Rare Items page
Source Region: East Indies