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African Mahogany

African Mahogany Khaya ivorensis

African Mahogany heartwood is a light pink-brown that darkens when cut to a reddish brown. It has a medium to coarse texture and a straight to interlocked grain, which can yield a striped or roey figure. The wood finishes well and has a lustrous quality.  Crotch and swirl figures are often present. 

Typical Uses: African Mahogany is used for furniture and cabinetry, musical instruments, paneling, boat building, veneer, office and shop fixtures, interior joinery, staircase banisters, handrails and domestic flooring.

Source Region: Africa

African Mahogany Figure Descriptions

Bee's Wing African Mahogany has a small scale wavy grain combined with spiral, interlocked grain producing a figure similar to the wing of a bee.

Ribboned African Mahogany has a quartersawn wood figure that runs parallel with the grain and reflects the light creating a striped/ribboned effect.

Ropey African Mahogany has a figure with a pattern that runs diagonal across the board and is similar to a braided rope.




Above are pictures taken of a finished African Mahogany slab