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African Blackwood

African Blackwood Dalbergia melanoxylon

African Blackwood heartwood is dark purple-brown with dark black streaks and the sapwood is creamy white.  The small tree is reported to often develop more than a single stem.  It usually grows to a high of 15 to 20 feet, but may occasionally reach 50 feet (15m).  The bole is often short, fluted, and rarely cylindrical, with diametes that are seldom more than 12 inches.  

African Blackwood is often referred to as Ebony, but it is in fact related to the Rosewood family.  The grain is usually straight but can be variable.  The wood is slightly oily to the touch, extremely fine and even textured.  It is very heavy and hard, and considered difficult to work with, but turns very well.  This wood can have an extreme blunting effect on tools but is considered the very finest turning wood.  Takes an exceptional polish and is the "Turning wood of Kings" for nothing holds fine detail as well as African Blackwood.  This Material is top turney grade material.

Common Uses:   Musical instruments (guitars, clarinets, oboes, etc.), inlay, carving, tool handles, and other turned objects.Soure Region: Africa, from Sudan southward to Mozambique, westward to Angola, and northward to Nigeria and Senegal. 


**Please note: Unless otherwise stated, our turning stock is not kiln dried but in various stages of air drying.